Contact support

General and technical support for Zulip is available through three channels:

  • The Zulip development community. Depending on the time of day/week of your query and the complexity of your question, you may get complete responses immediately or up to a couple days later, but Zulip's threading makes it easy for us to reply to every thread. Please read the community conventions (linked above) and choose a topic when starting a conversation.
  • We aim to reply to email support questions within a business day. Simple queries or requests for data imports generally receive faster replies.
  • GitHub server, web frontend, mobile app, desktop app. If you aren't able to provide a clear bug report or are otherwise uncertain, it can be helpful to discuss in the Zulip development community first to help create a better GitHub issue.
  • We don't offer phone support except as part of enterprise contracts.

We love hearing feedback! Please reach out if you have feedback, questions, or just want to brainstorm how to make Zulip work for your organization.

Billing and commercial questions

We provide exclusively email support for sales, billing, partnerships, and other commercial questions.