Moderating open organizations

An open organization is one where anyone can join without an invitation. Moderation is a big part of making an open community work.


Zulip has many features designed to simplify moderation by preventing problematic behavior:


The following features are an important part of an organization's playbook when responding to abuse or spam that is not prevented by the organization's policy choices.

Web-public streams

Administrators may enable the option to create web-public streams. Web-public streams can be viewed by anyone on the Internet without creating an account in your organization.

For example, you can link to a Zulip topic in a web-public stream from a GitHub issue, a social media post, or a forum thread, and anyone will be able to click the link and view the discussion in the Zulip web application without needing to create an account.

Users who wish to post content will need to create an account in order to do so.