Mute a user

This feature mutes a user from your personal perspective, and does not automatically notify anyone.

You can mute any user you do not wish to interact with. Muting someone will have the following effects:

  • All messages sent by a muted user will automatically be marked as read for you, and will never generate any desktop, email, or mobile push notifications.

  • All messages sent by muted users, including the name, profile picture, and message content, are hidden behind a Click here to reveal banner. A revealed message can later be re-hidden.

  • Muted users are hidden from Private messages in the left sidebar and the list of users in the right sidebar. Private messages between you and a muted user are excluded from all views, including search, unless you explicitly search for pm-with:<that user>.

  • Muted users have their name displayed as "Muted user" for emoji reactions, polls, and when displaying the recipients of group private messages.

  • Muted users are excluded from the autocomplete for composing a private message or mentioning a user.

  • Recent topics and other features that display avatars will show a generic user symbol in place of a muted user's profile picture.

  • To avoid interfering with administration tasks, stream and organization settings display muted users' names and other details.

Muting someone does not affect their Zulip experience in any way.

From the message view

  1. Click on a user's profile picture or mention.

  2. Click Mute this user.

  3. On the confirmation popup, click Confirm.

Via the right sidebar

  1. Hover over a user's name in the right sidebar.

  2. Click on the ellipsis () to the right of their name.

  3. Click Mute this user.

  4. On the confirmation popup, click Confirm.

Re-hide a message that has been revealed

  1. Hover over a message to reveal three icons on the right.

  2. Click the ellipsis ().

  3. Click Hide muted message again.

See your list of muted users

  1. Click on the gear () icon in the upper right corner of the web or desktop app.

  2. Select Personal settings.

  3. On the left, click Muted users.

From there, you can also search for and unmute users.